Architecture is a part of our everyday life. We are surrounded by apartment buildings, skyscrapers, houses, bridges etc. It‘s part of our habitat.
But there some constructions seem to be translated from another world or dimension. Shapes,forms and proportions which are very different from the ordinary architecture.
Where are those architects getting their ideas and inspiration from? Is it the result of their artistic creativity or is there something else?
Could their work be influenced by images transmitted by genes through thousands of generations?

Genetic memory is the memory we received from our ancestors via DNA. Information on something that has been seen, heard or experimented a long time ago, from somebody who shared our own genetic material.

The idea of the project is the hypothesis that in their work, all these great architects were guided by their DNA memory. Were they inspired by traces of memory, receiving flashes of forms/shapes and constructions which already existed somewhere a long time ago?
These architects are gifted with the privilege of perceiving things which other people can’t reproduce but can unconsciously recognize.

In this work I tried to imagine how that world could look like.

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