This  serie is done using photographs on glass plates made by photographer Felix Laforest between 1900-1940 in Montenegro.
Felix's father, Franz Triard de Laforest (1838-1911), was one of the pioneering photographers in the Eastern Europe.
For decades, in my city, ¨Studio Laforest¨, firstly run by Franz and later by his son Felix, was synonymous with photography.
In this project, using double exposure technique I have tried to made a time capsule mixing old portraits with modern motifs.
The idea was to make a kind of bridge through time, facing past and present, and create a photographic dialogue between Felix and myself.
Each photograph is a story, a kind of conversation, confrontation and contemplation of past times.
This project was a nostalgic and emotional journey which took me  back to my roots but at the same time becomes a homage to the work of the Laforest family.

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