I saw the Tod Browning movie 'Freaks' when I was about 12 or 13 years old, and it stuck with me all my life.
At that time most of the movies were about war, or western movies and 'Freaks' was a real shock, especially for a teenager.
There were hardly any horror movies at the time and Browning's work was banned in several countries (including Spain).
In my mind, 'Freaks' would always be associated with the circus.
Over the years, cinema has changed a lot and no doubt this old film would make a very different impression today.
The meaning of the word 'freak' has also changed, and nowadays referring to someone as a 'freak' has a very different connotation.

By chance, I met a group of young people who practice circus arts and this reminded me of Browning's work.

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