As an adolescent Greek mythology was one of my favorite lecture.
Back in those days Minotaur’s story was for me just one of the many beautiful tales shrouded in mystery. Many years later I discovered the novel ‘The House of Asterion’ in Jorge Luís Borges’ book called ‘Aleph’. This novel was an eye-opener for me and revealed another dimension of this tragic myth.

The culture surrounding the bull in Spain inspired me to do my own remake of this universal story.
In this complex myth, as well as in my contemporary interpretation, the question of being born different is investigated.
The Minotaur becomes a metaphor showing how to deal with people who can’t find their place in society due to their differences as to the established categories of people regarding physical, sexual, intellectual and ideological aspects.
The series tells a chronological story in 10 photographs in which the protagonist unsuccessfully tries to find his place in the world.
In my story, the Minotaur is not a prisoner in a built maze but in the labyrinth of his own mind where he can’t feel at ease or find his peace. His loneliness, sadness and desperation finally lead him to his death as a way of liberation. It becomes clear that behind the beast’s horrific appearance a human face was hidden.

After all, there are many Minotaurs amongst us…

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